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Vanish That Unwanted Tattoo

Vanish Medi Spa opened for business with one thing in mind, filling a void in tattoo removal in Laredo and South Texas.  The laser machines currently used for tattoo removal use older technology with many unwanted side effects and unsuccessful results.  With that in mind,  Vanish Medi Spa performed extensive research in bringing the best and latest technology for tattoo removal.  After analyzing the company’s research and performance results for laser machines, without a doubt, Quanta Q-Plus C was the best choice for our customers in Laredo and South Texas.

Why Quanta Q-Plus™ C?

Ink Pigment Sits in Different Depths in the Skin:

Different color ink settles in different depths of the skin. Black ink settles the deepest in the skin, blues/greens settle mid skin and reds/oranges settle at the surface of the skin. In order to successfully treat different ink colors, you need different wavelengths to properly target each color and its depth within the skin.  In the world of tattoo removal, the two most important factors in a wavelength are how deep the wavelength penetrates the skin and what color(s) does the wavelength target.

When taking into account where ink colors reside within the skin, research has proven the best wavelength to successfully target dark pigment (black, dark blues, etc.) is the ND:Yag 1064. The best wavelength to target the difficult blue and green colors is the Ruby 694 and the only wavelength to target red is the KTP 532. Therefore, it is the only laser machine that can successfully remove a full spectrum of colors.

Even Energy Distribution

The Quanta Q-Plus C is the only tattoo removal laser to offer a square, flat topped beam.  This results in an even distribution of energy to the treated area, providing complete coverage without overlapping thus, preventing damage to the skin.

Leading the Laser Market

The Quanta Q-Plus™ C laser has revolutionized the laser tattoo removal industry.  This groundbreaking machine has raised the bar of versatility and clinical results. It is the only FDA approved laser tattoo removal machine on the market offering the three true wavelengths 1064, 694 and 532.

We are excited and pleased to provide our customers the successful results you deserve by using the latest state of the art technology in laser tattoo removal.

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Check out these videos to learn more about the wavelengths required to effectively remove tattoos!